Collinsville Fire Department

For All Emergencies – Dial 911

Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department is an all volunteer municipal department that operates with a Class 6/9 ISO rating. The department responds to fires, vehicle accidents, severe weather events, gas leaks, hazardous events, Helicopter Landing Zone setups, and other situations as needed.

Fire Chief David Bowen, Assistant Fire Chief Stacy Cantrell, Captain Brett Bowen, Captain Leighton Reed, Lieutenant Travis Butler, and Secretary Teresa Bowen lead the department with a current roster of 20 members.  The department provides 24 hour coverage for fires and other emergencies in the Town of Collinsville and the surrounding area, including Lookout Mountain and Interstate 59.

The volunteer force consists of 8 members with 20 plus years of experience and 5 with 10 plus years of experience. Many of the members grew up and attended school in Collinsville. Others moved to the area and chose to volunteer their time for the community’s fire protection. Currently, 4 members are certified by the Alabama Fire College as Certified Volunteer Firefighters and 2 are certified as Pumping Apparatus Driver Operators. Many of the other members are certified as 1st Responders and have received training in Water Shuttle operations, FEMA NIMS (National Incident Management System), Vehicle Extrication, propane fire emergencies, and Radioactive waste.

Collinsville firefighters carry hand held pagers and radios for receiving emergency call notifications from Dekalb County E911. Some of the members work out of town and respond to calls during their off time. Others work in town and are able to leave work to respond when needed. The members meet twice a month for drills and equipment upkeep, and other days for special training events.

For non-emergencies call (256) 524-2136

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